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Ext Gantt is the leading javascript-based Gantt chart which helps you manage your projects easily in any web application. The user interface is intuitive & interactive and supports using both mouse and keyboard. The Gantt chart is highly configurable and extensible, meaning you can create your own features and plugins. The Pro version is even more powerful and includes MS Project import, PDF export, print support and much more.

Our products can easily be integrated seamlessly in your existing Ext JS application, but they can also be added into any HTML page on your site.

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Key Features

    • Built entirely on web standards
    • Use with any server (PHP, Java, ASP.NET)
    • Supports task links, lag and CP
    • Export to PDF/PNG, import from MS Project
    • Supports all major browsers
    • Unit tested with Siesta
    • Full list of features…

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Version Comparsion, Standard vs Pro Edition

Standard Pro
Basic Gantt Chart Features
Built-In Columns, Custom Column Support
Task Rollup Feature
Multiple Themes
Constraints, Histogram, Splitting tasks
Export to PDF/PNG
MS Project Import
Print Support
Resource Utilization Panel
Timeline Component
Additional Advanced Examples