Bryntum Grid

The Bryntum Grid is a powerful and high performance table component for the web. Since it is built with pure JavaScript, it works with the framework you are already using.

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Supports any framework, including Angular, React, Vue and Ext JS

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Feature rich

Bryntum Grid has all the features you would expect from a grid component, including:

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Great performance

Bryntum Grid applies a combination of techniques to achieve great rendering and scrolling performance:

  • Virtual rendering – Only renders the visible set of rows
  • Minimal DOM interactions – Elements are reused extensively
  • Modern CSS – Using CSS optimizations when available
  • Try our big data set demo to test the performance
Read our performance review

Customizable to suit your needs

Bryntum Grid has lots of options for customization:

  • Ships with four themes and a demo of how to roll your own
  • Use renderers to affect contents and styling of cells and headers
  • Has an extensive reactive API, allowing you to change things on the fly

Includes a TreeGrid

Which supports all of the grids features and has the same great performance. Can be used as a plain tree or with additional columns as a tree grid.

Try it out yourself in this live demo! →


Grouped headers

Embedded on a page

Custom formatting using renderers

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