About us

A strong passion for JavaScript…

Visit us at: Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm, Sweden

That’s one thing all of us at Bryntum have in common. Founded in 2009, we now provide advanced UI components and dev tools for over 3000 companies in 70+ countries. We’re strong believers in the open web as an application platform and we try to participate frequently in web conferences and user group meetings.

If you pass by Stockholm, we’d love to invite you in for a Swedish fika!

Our Team

Mats Bryntse

CEO. Plays badminton to make up for all the office work.

Pavel Miklashevich

Javascript fanatic with a passion for cars.

Andrey Kozlov

Infrastructure & javascript wizard.

Terence van Zoelen

Our Flying Dutchman who loves dogs and javascript.

Göran Anderson

Never misses an opportunity to hit the golf course. Fore!

Maxim Bazhenov

Tennis twice a week to relax from maintaining his house.

Nigel White

Ext JS veteran. Look for him on a bike or on a climbing wall.

Nickolay Platonov

Deep passion for functional programming and cats.

Arcady Zherdev

Core dev & operations. Has a mean ping pong forehand.

Henrik Thorenfeldt

US sales. Find him running up and down the hills in San Francisco.

Maxim Gorkovsky

Almost our tallest employee, often seen diving from cliffs.

Johan Isaksson

Hockey fan and floorball expert.