Siesta is a JavaScript UI & unit testing tool that can help you test any JavaScript code. The tool can be used to test React, Angular, jQuery etc. and with its rich API, you can test simple logical JS object comparisons as well as verifying that an HTML element is visible in the DOM. Automate your test suite with Jenkins, TeamCity or any other CI tool. Increase your test suite execution time by running it in the cloud with services such as Sauce or BrowserStack.

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Key Features

    • Short learning curve.
    • Completely web based, nothing to install.
    • Write unit tests in plain Javascript.
    • Record and generate UI test scripts
    • Code coverage reports.
    • Improves your confidence in your codebase.
    • Automate using Selenium, SlimerJS, XVFB or PhantomJS.


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Siesta Lite vs. Siesta Standard

We have two different editions of Siesta – Lite and Standard. With Lite, you can use all the regular features of the Siesta tool and run tests in the browser. If you want the ability to run your tests on the command line, you will need the Standard version.

Lite Standard
Run Tests in the Browser
Run Tests in NodeJS
Source Code, Examples, and Docs
Community Forum Support
Premium Forum Support
Code Coverage Module
Event Recorder
Cross Page Testing
Selenium Integration
Sauce Labs Integration
BrowserStack Integration
Phantom JS Integration
TeamCity Integration
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We have been waiting a long time for a testing tool suitable for applications built with JavaScript centric libraries such as Ext JS. Using Siesta, we are able to write both simple and complex tests helping us assure that the quality of our releases remain high. Thanks guys for providing a superb tool!

Fredric Berling

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