Words from our customers

Learn how our customers leverage the Bryntum products

Neas Energy

- Anders Borup, Team Lead & Business Architect, Aalborg, Denmark

“At Neas Energy, we needed to make a new customer portal for planning power production for power plants throughout Europe. With Bryntum Scheduler we found the web based drag’n’drop scheduling we needed to bring the vision to life and take the portal to the next level. With thorough documentation and easy help from Bryntum’s team of skilled people, we launched the platform with great success, and are still expanding the platform with new functionality and customers in a constantly changing and demanding energy market.”


- Joeri Sebrechts, Lead Developer, Antwerp, Belgium

“The Ext Scheduler has allowed us to deliver a first-class scheduling user experience with limited effort. This helps us maintain our competitive advantage. The scheduler integration went very smoothly thanks to the prompt forum support we received”

Florida State University

- Web Applications Development Team, APPS – Florida State University

“We recently undertook to create an application to manage the operations of the new Turnbull Conference Center here at Florida State University. One of the early challenges we faced was to come up with a clear way to visualize the occupancy of the Center’s rooms for some period of time. We arrived at the idea of a ‘TV Guide’ like representation. Relatively new to Ext-JS though, and facing a tight deadline, we were apprehensive about the undertaking. So imagine our excitement when we discovered Ext Scheduler! Thanks to your well-engineered implementation, and great support during the process, we were able to quickly adapt and integrate Ext Scheduler into our application.”


- Martin Pöpping, Principal Software Engineer, Berlin, Germany

“As a company for web-based computer aided facility management (CAFM), we have recently implemented a world-wide video conference booking system into our existing web-based room booking system eTASK.RoomReservation.

After some research for a control we have found the Ext-Scheduler which meets our requirements, is easy to extend and works smoothly with our existing Ext.NET application based on ExtJS. It was a pleasure to work with the Ext-Scheduler team!”

PCA Mobile

- Rob Segerink, Sr. Software Engineer, The Netherlands

“Ext-scheduler has made it possible for us to finally bring our flagship product (win32 based) to the web, using only html/css and javascript. Although the scheduler has many features out of the box it is also very easy to adjust to your own needs, we have made our own column views, which was pretty easy to do. It is also fast, we are loading 400+ events in one view, without any problem. And when we had a question it was quickly answered, with code samples if needed. Thanks guys, for a top component!”

Deutsche Telekom

- René Bartholomay, Senior Operations Management, Bremen, Germany

“With the Ext-Scheduler, it is possible to present complex editable project planning and support issues on the web, without additional client software. The integration into our existing intranet application was easy, since the component is built on the Ext JS framework and thus provides great convenience and development speed. ”


- Vladimir Simkin, Co-founder and Director, Hornsby, Australia

“We have been looking for a scheduler component for quite some time. An Ext JS-based scheduler component fits our needs perfectly. We have integrated it into our product and we are very happy with the results. The integration was smooth because the code is well structured and easy to understand. The Ext-scheduler team was very responsive and easy to work with”


- Kike Sanjuanelo, Core Development, The Netherlands

“We have recently migrated our reservation scheduling system to a more user friendly and intuitive interface based on Ext-Scheduler. During the integrating process of Ext-Scheduler plug-in into our system, we have discovered how flexible this plug-in can be and how open was to adapt into the so many requirements our partners/clients were aiming for: event display customization based on different types of properties, asynchronous load of data (including availability from external sources such us google) and quick creation of reservations. Furthermore, the communication and support received from Mats was highly valuable to get into a final stable version.”xx


- Peter Sjöström, Sr. Software Engineer, Lund, Sweden

“Ext Scheduler is really great! We have up till now been using a different web based scheduler but never felt satisfied with it. When I got my hands on this component I was excited – after a short while I was impressed! It fits right into our existing Ext JS application architecture and we had it up and running within a couple of hours. It’s fast, good looking, easy to configure and it feels solid.

Additionally, the support we got while configuring it to work in our Sony Ericsson environment was fast and accurate.”

Sony Computer Entertainment

- Gerard Horan, Principal Software Engineer, California, USA

“I was excited to find the Ext Scheduler plugin for Ext JS. I was even more pleased when I realized the quality of the code. It really helped me to quickly build prototypes and ultimately to rapidly deliver new functionality that our users really liked. This is a great addition for anybody using Ext JS that wants to show schedule data or resource allocation data!”


- Daniel Vontean, Lean Specialist, Timisoara, Romania

“From the early days of its existence when I “stumbled” across the Ext Scheduler control I was confident that it would grow to be a very nice, powerful and useful component. And I wasn’t mistaken, it exceeded my expectations. It is fast, the code is very well built and clean so it’s understandable and very easy to extend in case of special needs. It fitted very well and easy into our Sencha production planning app and our users are very pleased with the result.”