Kanban Task Board

The Bryntum Task Board is a very flexible JavaScript kanban board UI component. Built with Ext JS but can be easily integrated into any web application.

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Powered by Ext JS

The Bryntum Task Board is built with the powerful Ext JS framework and is easily integrated into your Ext JS applications. This lets you use all the components of the framework and while Ext JS is required, you can still integrate the Task Board with any other JavaScript based framework like Vue, Angular or React.

The component also integrates seamlessly with our other Ext JS based components like the Scheduler and Gantt, making it possible to visualize the same dataset in many different ways.

Integrates with any backend

Since the component is built with pure JavaScript and CSS, you can combine it with any server or database. We have customers using our components with PHP, Ruby, Java, ASP.NET and NodeJS.

Flexible layouts

The Task Board comes predefined with the typical states for a kanban board but you can configure it to use any number of state columns. You can also use the powerful Ext JS layout engine to create custom board looks. Try our demos to see a few different options.

Support for subtasks

The user interface of the Task Board is very flexible and allows you to completely customize the rendering and editor contents. If you have big group tasks in your board, you should try our subtasks demo where a task can include subtasks.


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