What’s New In Scheduler 3.1.0 & Gantt 2.1.0 Releases

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We are happy to announce v2.1.0 of Bryntum Gantt and v3.1.0 of Bryntum Scheduler. These minor releases contain plenty of bug fixes as well as a few cool new features. For full details, as always please see the Scheduler change log or Gantt change log. It might also be worth checking out the grid change log. Let’s dive into the new Gantt features first.

Gantt Task Indicators

If you have custom dates associated with your tasks, you can now visualise them easily using the new `indicators` feature. We also built a new indicators demo to showcase this. Out of the box, you can visualise:

  • Constraint
  • Early start / end dates
  • Late start / end dates
  • Deadline field
  • Any custom Task date field in your model, such as a post-task beer

Task indicators

Try the indicators demo

Deadline date

A new `Deadline` field was added to `TaskModel` and a `DeadlineDateColumn` to display and edit it. This field will be visualised by a red flag when using the indicators feature above.

Deadline indicator

Resource assignment avatars

The `ResourceAssignmentColumn` has been updated to be able to show avatars for assigned resources. This makes the assignment data bit more visually pleasing. See the new `showAvatars` config used in the updated advanced demo.

const gantt = new Gantt({
    resourceImageFolderPath  : '../_shared/images/users/',
    columns                  : [
        { type : 'wbs' },
        { type : 'name', width : 250 },
        { type : 'startdate' },
        { type : 'duration' },
        { type : 'resourceassignment', width : 120, showAvatars : true }

Resource avatars

New integration demos .NET + .NET Core backends

In the Scheduler release you will find two new integration demos for ASP.NET and .NET Core which should be useful if you are using a Microsoft stack.

.NET Core
ASP.NET demo

We also added a new React + TypeScript demo and an Angular 9 demo featuring recurring events.

Learn more

The new features and examples we add are almost exclusively a result of the feedback received from our community. We hope you will enjoy these new features and please keep the feedback coming. For full details please see the Gantt change log or Scheduler change log.

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