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About MAKE Solutions

MAKE Solutions helps Healthcare IT Teams Manage Software Implementations. We provide the solutions and support that they need to make their projects go smoothly — plan, test, go-live, and all the steps in between. Our clients spend less time testing, enjoy better outcomes, and have greater visibility across all projects with the use of our Planning and Testing Solution, TransIT.

TransIT Matures by Embedding Bryntum Grid

MAKE Solutions rolled out TransIT 5 this year. It was a complete rewrite of our software with the Bryntum Grid at its heart. The Bryntum Grid gave TransIT a whole new look and feel. It now looks fresh and clean, and functions much better than the previous version of TransIT. It allows our dashboards, test scripts and plans to be easier to read and use and all the Grid’s built-in functionality has decreased our development time.

Bryntum Grid In TransIT

What our end-users think

While our clients don’t really know that we are utilizing the Bryntum Grid underneath the covers, they are giving us rave reviews with TransIT 5. In fact, 100% of the clients that responded indicated that TransIT 5 is much easier to use, and much better looking than TransIT 4.

Summing up

We are extremely happy with Bryntum Grid. We have received excellent support from the Bryntum team and in the future we are also planning functionality utilizing the Bryntum Scheduler and Gantt.

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