Powerful JS Gantt Components For Web Apps

High performance Gantt, Scheduler and Grid components that you can add to any web application. Integrates easily with all major frameworks including Angular, React and Vue.

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Our Gantt chart is the most powerful JavaScript Gantt component available. It has an extensive API and a massive set of features that will cover all your project management needs. The Gantt chart is built with pure JavaScript / TypeScript and integrates easily into any React, Angular or Vue application.

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High performance Scheduler

Bryntum Scheduler is built using pure JavaScript, with great performance and a large set of features. It will help you schedule anything with a start and end date, without forcing you to use any special JS framework.

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Supports any framework, including Angular, React & Vue

Blazing fast Grid

Bryntum Grid is a powerful and high performance table component for the web. It is feature rich and handles big datasets in a breeze. Since it is built with pure JavaScript, it works with the framework you are already using.

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Kanban Task Board

With our Ext JS based Kanban Task Board component, you can quickly visualize your day-to-day work situation. You can configure it to match your workflow and use any number of task lanes

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Customizable Calendar

With our Ext JS based Calendar component you get a full calendar solution with day view, week view and month view. We also include a set of nice looking widgets such as calendar filter, event editor, month navigation bar and more.

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Find and reproduce JavaScript errors easily with our error monitoring service.

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Our feature packed JavaScript UI/unit testing tool that we use to test all our products.

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Our forum is where our customers ask for help, your channel to our dev team. We try hard to respond to you within the same day.

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We try and code as we teach, which means our products are all well covered by tests running each day in all the major browsers.

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Bryntum was founded in 2009 and has been delivering high quality JavaScript scheduling components for the web ever since.