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There are two different versions of Siesta. The ‘Lite’ version is free and suitable if you only want to run your tests in-browser. If you want to be able to run Siesta on the command line and use it as part of your Continuous Integration process, you need the ‘Standard’ version.
All users that are developing tests or running tests using Siesta Standard require a Siesta Standard license. For more information see our FAQ below.


Buy Siesta Licenses

Lite Version + Standard Support Free Download
Small Team (up to 5 users + Premium Support) $2,450
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Medium Team (up to 10 users + Premium Support) $4,600
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Large Team (up to 20 users + Premium Support) $8,300
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Extend Existing Support Subscription 50% of regular price Go To Customer Zone
Are you a solo-entrepreneur or working in a startup? Please contact us to hear about our startup discounts.



Support Subscriptions



Access to source code of current and previous releases
Standard Forum Support Account
Free Upgrades (within 12 months)
Premium Forum Support Account
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*only 20-pack




Which license is right for me?

If you only want to run your tests in-browser, then you can use our free Siesta Lite version. If you want to be able to integrate Siesta into your Continuous Integration process, you need to buy the Standard version. For more information about our Siesta editions, please see the Editions table on the main product page.

Our company only has 1 person doing the testing, do you offer a single Siesta license?

No, the minimum license purchase is a 5-pack.

How much does it cost to extend my support subscription

Extending your access to new releases and support costs 50% of the license fee. If you purchased a 5-pack at $2,450 then extending support would cost you $1,225.

Does Siesta support testing any Ext JS version?

Yes! Siesta supports testing any Ext JS code (as well as any generic JS code base). Siesta itself uses a particular Ext JS version for its UI, which is not related to what Siesta can test.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are happy to offer you the following discounts for our end-user licenses.
70% off if you are an Ext JS community contributor with > 500 forum posts.
30% off if you post a blog post on your (public) company blog describing how you use our products.

Can I pay via invoice instead of PayPal?

Yes this is certainly possible, for alternate methods of payment please contact us.

How do I get the source code after paying for a license?

After purchasing a license, in order to receive the product including the fully readable code, please register in our customer zone and provide your full name, company name, company VAT registration number (for customers within EU) and the order number received from PayPal. As soon as we have activated your account, you’ll be able to download the full source code.



Additional Terms and Conditions

For business entities within the EU, VAT reverse charge applies, article 44 and 196 in Directive 2006/112/EEC (general rule).

Please note: If you are an EU-citizen purchasing for individual use, you have to pay using a regular invoice. Contact us at for more information.