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End-User License for internal web apps where end users do not pay for access or OEM licenses for SaaS or commercial applications. Requires a separate Ext JS license.

EUL license
Perpetual, for non-commercial use
Small Team
Medium Team
Large Team
Commercial use
Access to source code
Free Upgrades (for 1 year)
Standard Forum Support (for 1 year)
Premium Forum Support (for 1 year)
Commercial use
Upon request

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Please note that a separate Ext JS license is required, visit Sencha to find out more.


Existing customer? You can extend your support subscriptions in our Customer Zone at any time at the prices listed below:

  • 50% of list price, if renewing within three months of subscription expiration
  • 75% of list price, if renewing within one year after support subscription expiration
  • 100% of list price, if renewing after more than one year after the support subscription expired

Please note: Access to the Bryntum private NPM server requires an active support subscription.

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EUL vs OEM License information

There are two different kinds of licenses for our products: Standard End-User License and OEM License. The End-User License is perpetual and applicable for applications where end-users do not pay for access, such as a company intranet application. To use our UI components in commercial products and SaaS type applications (e.g. CRM, ERP or MES apps) that will be redistributed for a fee to third parties (“commercial applications”), you require an OEM license. For more information see our FAQ below or contact us for an OEM quote.

Additionally, to use our Ext JS-based UI components you need your own license of Ext JS.

Additional Terms and Conditions

For business entities within the EU, VAT reverse charge applies, article 44 and 196 in Directive 2006/112/EEC (general rule)

Please note: If you are an EU-citizen purchasing for individual use, you have to add 25% Swedish VAT to our price. Please contact us for more information and payment instructions.


Which license is right for me?

  • If you are building an application that will only be used internally at your company, and not licensed to third parties, you should buy our End User License. It’s licensed per developer, and any developer involved in working with our products needs their own unique license. License sharing is not permitted.
  • If you are creating a commercially licensed application containing our products (such as a SaaS application or on-premises), then you need our OEM License. Please Contact us to receive an OEM license quote or if you are unsure which license is right for your company.
  • For more license information please see the license page.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are happy to offer you the following discounts for our End-User License fees (no discount offered on license extensions).

  • 20% off if you are an Sencha or Bryntum community contributor with > 1000 forum posts.
  • 30% off if you want to use our products for charity, environmental or educational work.
  • 15% off if you post a blog post on your (public) company blog describing how you use our products.

Can I pay via invoice / wire transfer instead?

Yes, you can also pay us direcly by doing a wire transfer from your bank, please contact us to obtain our bank details.