Touch Scheduler


With our web based Touch Scheduler component, you can schedule anything using just your fingers. The interactive UI is optimized for mobile devices and tablets (iPad, iPhone and Android etc) and lets you drag drop and resize task bars easily. The component is written in pure JavaScript and CSS and it is very customizable.

If you’re building a native app, you can leverage tools like PhoneGap or Sencha Cmd which let you easily convert a web application into a native app, ready for the various app stores out there.

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Key Features

    • Built entirely on HTML5 web standards
    • Use with any backend stack (PHP, Java, ASP.NET etc)
    • Supports rich interaction with your fingers
    • Supports modern mobile devices such as iPad, Android, iPhone etc.
    • Integrates easily with other Sencha Touch components and charts
    • Unit tested with Siesta

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