Change log

Bryntum TaskBoard

Release history for Bryntum TaskBoard

Version 4.2.0-beta-2, 2021-05-12


  • Added a new task item, TodoListItem, that displays todo lists with checkboxes on the cards. Accompanying it is a new field called TodoListField that can be used in the task editor to display and edit the lists there. Comes with a new demo, named todo-list.
  • Added a tutorial to the docs (Fixed #2793).
  • New web component demo
  • The "Add new task" button in column toolbars now scrolls the new task into view (Fixed #2814)
  • Bumped the @babel/preset-env config target to chrome: 75 for the UMD and Module bundles. This decreased bundle sizes and improved performance for modern browsers


  • Fixed #2768 - Crash when removing task
  • Fixed #2823 - Responsive issue with resource avatar
  • Fixed #2825 - Wrong target drop area highlighted as dragged card enters new column
  • Fixed #2831 - ColumnHeaderMenu doesn't hide after showing
  • Fixed #2833 - Taskeditor does not close on Escape key in docs
  • Fixed #2835 - 'true' tooltip shown in docs
  • Fixed #2840 - TaskBoard docs: API diff grid not working

Version 4.2.0-beta-1, 2021-04-27


  • Added more task items, miniature widgets that you can populate your cards with. The following items are now available: Image, Progress, Rating, ResourceAvatars, Separator, Tags, Template and Text.
  • Resource avatars can be configured to overlap.
  • Column collapse buttons made larger + click area enlarged further to make them easier to hit.
  • Swimlanes collapse on header click.
  • Added new responsive demo.
  • Added new zooming demo (Fixed #2707).
  • Added a new column header menu feature and accompanying demo (Fixed #2700).
  • Added new task menu demo, showing advanced custom menus.


  • Fixed demos broken by bundling issues: undoredo and group-by demos
  • Fixed aborting task drag with ESC
  • Fixed #2710 - Column toolbar should stick to bottom

Version 4.2.0-alpha-1, 2021-04-15

We are happy to announce the first early alpha version of our new TaskBoard!


  • Added TaskMenu feature, which allows displaying and customizing a context menu for tasks
  • Configuring TaskEditor with autoUpdateRecords: false automatically displays a toolbar with save and cancel buttons
  • Added UndoRedo widget and demo showing how to set it up
  • New guides: "Working with columns", "Working with swimlanes" and "Customize task menu"
  • Improved docs