Scheduler for Ext JS


  • Built entirely on web standards: JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Based on the Ext JS Classic framework. For Ext JS Modern support, please try our platform neutral Scheduler.
  • Easy to localize to support any language.
  • Unit tested with Siesta


Visual Appearance

  • All elements can be styled easily using just plain CSS
  • 5 Sass themes included, easy to override or create your own.
  • Row height is customizable, and can be changed dynamically.
  • Tasks can be easily styled individually by putting CSS classes on the Model data or by using the eventRenderer method.
  • Dependency lines and arrows can by styled individually.

Technical details

  • Platform: Ext JS (separate license required)
  • Easy to add custom data fields to any of the included Data Model classes (Event, Dependency, Assignment, Resource etc)
  • Multiple build versions available, a readable development build with source code comments and a minified build for production use. You can also build your own custom version to minimize the footprint.
  • Comes with a flexible API where you can override pretty much any part of the codebase.

Server/Database Integration

  • Integrates with any server technology
  • Use with any database (MS SQL, MySql etc)
  • Load and save data in JSON or XML. Custom data formats can also be supported.
  • Either use the standard Proxy classes in Ext JS or use our custom CrudManager class.
  • Fully working implementations with PHP, Java or ASP.NET included.