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Version 1.0.1, 2019-05-24


  • Delimiter used in Successors and Predecessors columns is now configurable, defaulting to ; (Fixed #8292)
  • New timeranges demo showing how to add custom date indicator lines as well as date ranges to the Gantt chart (Fixed #8320)
  • Demos now have a built in code editor that allows you to play around with their code (Chrome only) and CSS (Fixed #7210)
  • *BREAKING.* Context menu Features are configured in a slightly different way in this version. If you have used the extraItems or processItems options to change the contents of the shown menu, this code must be updated. Instead of using extraItems, use items. The items config is an *Object* rather than an array. The property values are your new submenu configs, and the property name is the menu item name. In this way, you may add new items easily, but also, you may override the configuration of the default menu items that we provide. The default menu items now all have documented names (see the defaultItems config of the Feature), so you may apply config objects which override default config. To remove a provided default completely, specify the config value as false. This means that the various showXxxxxxxInContextMenu configs in the Gantt are now ineffective. Simply use for example, items : { addTaskAbove : false } to remove a provided item by name. processItems now recieves its items parameter as an Object, so finding predefined named menu items to mutate is easier. Adding your own entails adding a new named config object. Use the weight config to affect the menu item order. Provided items are weight : 0. Weight values may be negative to cause your new items (Fixed #8287)


  • Fixed #7561 - Should be able to use Grid & Scheduler & Gantt bundles on the same page
  • Fixed #8075 - TimeRanges store not populated if incoming CrudManager dataset contains data
  • Fixed #8210 - Terminals not visible when hovering task after creating dependency
  • Fixed #8261 - ProjectLines not painted after propagation complete
  • Fixed #8264 - Reordering a task into a parent task doesn't recalculate the parent
  • Fixed #8275 - Framework integrations missing value in start date field
  • Fixed #8276 - Crash if invoking task editor for unscheduled task
  • Fixed #8279 - Gantt PHP demo requestPromise.abort is not a function in AjaxTransport.js
  • Fixed #8293 - Gantt advanced demo. Graph cycle detected
  • Fixed #8295 - Gantt umd bundle doesn't work in angular
  • Fixed #8296 - Typings for gantt.umd bundles are incomplete
  • Fixed #8325 - Some translations are missing (NL)
  • Fixed #8334 - Clicking on a blank space selects a task and scrolls it into view
  • Fixed #8341 - Task elements are missing after adding new tasks
  • Fixed #8342 - Collapsing all records fails in advanced demo
  • Fixed #8357 - TaskEditor needs to provide a simple way of adding extra fields to each tab
  • Fixed #8381 - loadMask not shown if Project is using autoLoad true
  • Fixed #8384 - Crash in React demo when clicking Edit button
  • Fixed #8390 - Undoing project start date change doesn't update project start line
  • Fixed #8391 - Progress bar element overflows task bar on hover if task is narrow
  • Fixed #8394 - CrudManager reacts incorrectly and tries to save empty changeset
  • Fixed #8397 - Inserting two tasks at once breaks normal view
  • Fixed #8404 - addTaskBelow fails on 2nd call
  • Fixed #8457 - Rendering broken after adding subtask to parent
  • Fixed #8462 - Error throw in undoredo example when second transaction is canceled
  • Fixed #8475 - STYLING: Misalignment of resource assignment filter field
  • Fixed #8494 - Exception thrown when adding task via context menu
  • Fixed #8496 - Crash in Gantt docs when viewing ResourceTimeRanges

Version 1.0.0, 2019-04-26

Today we are super excited to share with you the 1.0 GA of our new Bryntum Gantt product. It is a powerful and high performance Gantt chart component for any web application. It is built from the ground up with pure JavaScript and TypeScript, and integrates easily with React, Angular, Vue or any other JS framework you are already using. For a full introduction, please see our blog post for more details about this release. In our docs page you will find extensive API documentation including a getting started guide.

Blog post: