Change Log

Bryntum Calendar

Release history for Bryntum Calendar

Version 4.0.8, 2021-01-27

Internal code improvements and bugfixes

Version 4.0.7, 2021-01-12


  • Fixed #2106 - Add tools to tooltip demo to show interaction with the hovered event
  • Fixed #2113 - Event bar widens when drag drop starts

Version 4.0.6, 2020-12-29


  • The Custom event editor example has been enhanced to illustrate how to make the provided editor widgets match conform with a theme. Guides on how to customize the event editor have been improved. (Fixed #2000)


  • Fixed #1421 - Week start day and number are not updated on locale change.
  • Fixed #2017 - DayView and WeekView timeline time format and Event time format is not localized dynamically.
  • Fixed #2108 - Update of recurrent event occurrence specifying "All future events" when the occurrence is limited by a COUNT value resulted in the COUNT being applied from the modified date, so too many occurrences were created.
  • Fixed #2113 - Event width is preserved when dragging event in the calendar.
  • Fixed #2149 - Unable to filter multi assigned task.

Version 4.0.5, 2020-12-15


  • Two new Calendar features have been added, EventMenu which offers a context menu for right-click on events, and ScheduleMenu for right-click on empty areas of a calendar. These work in the same way as the Scheduler's features by the same name. (Fixed #1274)


  • Fixed #2105 - Crash when switching to single day view from any other calendar view.

Version 4.0.4, 2020-12-09


  • The following params of DayCellRenderer#dayCellRenderer and AgendaView#dayCellRenderer were made private: key, day, visibleColumnIndex, isOtherMonth, visible, tomorrow, isRowStart, isRowEnd, renderedEvents.


  • A new Calendar Feature, ExternalEventSource makes it extremely easy to drag in events to "import" them in to a Calendar instance. (Fixed #1683)


  • Fixed #1812 - Make tables look better in docs
  • Fixed #1898 - Custom event renderer doesn't work properly for AgendaView.
  • Fixed #1977 - Fields added to a default layout Container are stretched along the main axis.
  • Fixed #1991 - Sidebar Customization example throws JS error when "Create Event" clicked when YearView is active.

Version 4.0.3, 2020-11-17


  • A new Scheduler widget type undoredo has been added which, when added to the tbar of a scheduling widget (such as a Scheduler, Gantt, or Calendar), provides undo and redo functionality.
  • Added experimental support for Salesforce Lightning Locker Service. The distributed bundle only supports modern browsers (not IE11 or non-chromium based Edge), since Salesforce drops support for those on January 1st 2021 too. (Fixed #1822)
  • Added Lightning Web Component demo, see examples/salesforce/src/lwc
  • calendar.umd.js and calendar.lite.umd.js bundles are now compiled with up-to-date @babel/preset-env webpack preset with no extra polyfilling. This change decreases size for the bundle by ~20% and offers performance enhancements for supported browsers.
  • [DEPRECATED] calendar.lite.umd.js was deprecated in favor of calendar.umd.js and will be removed in version 5.0


  • Fixed #1792 - Resource filter names missing colors
  • Fixed #1852 - Exception when editing new event in collapsed CalendarRow when that new event is in overflow.
  • Fixed #1882 - dblclick in YearView should not initiate autoCreate in the WeekView.

Version 4.0.2, 2020-11-04


  • Fixed documentation bugs

Version 4.0.1, 2020-11-03


  • Fixed #1451 - Use selected element to anchor event editor instead of scrolling the first rendered element of an event into view.
  • Fixed #1454 - Calendar Month View: +2 more shown but only one event present
  • Fixed #1459 - Fix cleanup issues when cancelling drag via ESC key press.
  • Fixed #1609 - Calendar CSS issues
  • Fixed #1617 - Event layout, (ordering and element sizing) not corrected after drag move and drag create.
  • Fixed #1720 - Crash when clicking task in examples browser demo.
  • Fixed #2168 - dblclick in AgendaView adds new event, but doesn't show the editor.

Version 4.0.0, 2020-10-19


  • [BREAKING] Dropped Support for Edge 18 and older. Our Edge <=18 fixes are still in place and active, but we will not be adding more fixes. Existing fixes will be removed in a later version.
  • Improved default description property of WeekView to display week of year in addition to month.
  • Added descriptionRenderer config to calendar view widgets to allow custom descriptions.
  • Calendar now ships with the same set of themes as its relatives Grid, Scheduler and Gantt: material, stockholm, classic, classic-light and classic-dark (Fixed #477).
  • New event dateRangeChange is fired before any Calendar view changes its date range. This allows apps to request new data from the server. Upon loading data, any new events will appear.
  • Added new localization demo and guide (Fixed #1409)
  • New loadOnDemand feature which dynamically loads the Calendar's CrudManager depending on the date range active in the current view.
  • Added a styling guide (Fixed #1427).
  • Added XSS protection to default renderers (based on StringHelper.encodeHtml and StringHelper.xss).
  • Added support to export events to ICS format with the new TimeSpan#exportToICS method. Demonstrated in the new exporttoics example.
  • Added calendar.lite.umd.js module that does not include Promise polyfill. This module is primarily intended to be used with Angular to prevent zone.js polyfills overwrite.
  • Added a new angular-7 demo (Fixed #1537)


  • Model fields in derived classes are now merged with corresponding model fields (by name) in super classes. This allows serialization and other attributes to be inherited when a derived class only wants to change the defaultValue or other attribute of the field.
  • The dateFormat config for type='date' model fields has been simplified to format.


  • Fixed #1133 - Calendar event selection.
  • Fixed #1228 - Custom fields in event editor now properly hide and show based on eventType.
  • Fixed #1234 - Visible date range required event to notify when views navigate in tiime.
  • Fixed #1237 - CrudManager.load() resulted in doubling of events.
  • Fixed #1246 - Fix css warning in Calendar theme.
  • Fixed #1253 - All day header out of sync with main schedule body after browser zoom.
  • Fixed #1257 - Event editor docs regarding how to add the eventTypeField were incorrect.
  • Fixed #1281 - Calendar drag/drop did not work correctly with a scrolled body element.
  • Fixed #1282 - Ripple misplaced when clicking
  • Fixed #1285 - Drag handles are no longer displayed where events in day view extend outside of day start/end times.
  • Fixed #1422 - Doubleclicking calendar throws after locale change
  • Fixed #1434 - TimeAxis time format in Day and Week views should match time format in event elements
  • Fixed #1446 - Calendar size is changed when switching months
  • Fixed #1537 - Create Angular 7 demo
  • Fixed #1548 - [ANGULAR] Investigate zone.js loading order and set it to Angular default
  • Fixed #1641 - Extra CSS classes applied to Calendar container
  • Fixed #1696 - Calendar drag create throws error when event edit feature enabled.

Version 1.0.1, 2020-07-24


  • Fixed #1031 - Some localized properties not processed
  • Fixed #1187 - Corrected drag/drop handling for non-date drop locations.
  • Fixed #1213 - Events created on current date always uses current time
  • Fixed #1722 - dblclick to edit event when autoCreate is false throws error.

Version 1.0.0, 2020-07-17

Version 1.0.0-rc-1, 2020-07-17


  • Fixed #1173 - autoCreate: false not propagated from calendar into participating views
  • Fixed #1684 - EventRecords with recurrenceRule should be mutable before they acquire an eventStore

Version 1.0.0-beta-1, 2020-07-13

Version 1.0.0-alpha-6, 2020-07-09

Version 1.0.0-alpha-5, 2020-06-25

Version 1.0.0-alpha-4, 2020-06-24

Version 1.0.0-alpha-3, 2020-06-23

Version 1.0.0-alpha-2, 2020-06-15

Version 1.0.0-alpha-1, 2020-06-11

Alpha-1 release of Bryntum Calendar.