Our complete discounted bundle containing our advanced component suite as well as our JavaScript unit testing tool Siesta.

Our UI Components

Ext Gantt

A powerful JavaScript based Gantt chart delivering a fantastic user experience. You can drag and drop tasks and setup inter-task relationships easily.

Ext Scheduler

An interactive resource scheduling tool that helps you plan anything with a start and end date.

Bryntum Calendar

A very interactive and customizble calendar component with day, week and month views.

Kanban Task Board

A very flexible and configurable Kanban / Scrum task board component which helps you plan your day to day work activities.

Robo Undo Manager

Robo is a stable undo/redo framework for the Ext JS data package.

Web Testing & Monitoring Tools


Our JavaScript test tool that we use to test all our products, including Siesta itself.


Find and reproduce javascript errors easily with our error monitoring service.