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When there are large number of tasks in a project and we scroll down to the last row, on right click on that row the task context menu is not coming. When the other rows are clicked the RMB (Task context menu )menu is coming properly. Also, the task context menu comes for the last row when clicked from the Timeline chart side as shown in the video.

The Table structure shift a little bit upwards when we click on the last row as shown in video. We thought the issue was with the height of the row so we changed the row height to default value but it was still coming. At the end we noticed that when we click on the last row the table structure shake a little bit upwards and the scrollbar down arrows is getting clicked as shown in video

We didn't find that which event is getting fired as we clicked on the last row and we think that when we click on the last row the scrollbar down arrow is getting click.

Is there some way to know where the control is going when we click on the last row or why the scroll bar down arrow is getting click on last row click?

Please let us know how we can solve this issue and get the context menu for the last row as well.

Bryntum Version: 6.1.7
Sencha Version:
Browser: Any


Smaller video of the issue
Smaller video of the issue
RMBIssueLastRowGIF.gif (1.69 MiB) Viewed 726 times
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I couldn't open the video (unzipped it was 1GB (!)). Please attach something smaller?

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I have change the attached file you can now download the gif file

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Works fine for me in our big dataset,

Please try upgrading to latest version + Ext 7.4, does that fix it? If not we'll need a small test case in order to reproduce.

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