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How would I change the button color? For example, if I add a custom class b-test in the cls, would the class style be added in the gantt.stockholm.css file?

            text = 'Save'
            cls = 'b-test'

Post by mats »

You can set

            cls = 'b-green'

or other basic colors red/blue etc.

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what if I want to add a custom color to the button, the background-color to be #00897b ? Thanks

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Then you can either set a cls and include that color in your stylesheet, or use https://bryntum.com/docs/scheduler/api/Core/widget/Button#config-style

Post by mv2022 »

Sorry, I can't seem to get this to work.

If you can provide a small example of how this would be used in the inline-project demo if I wanted to add a custom class to the button.

I tried doing the following and didn't work in the inline-data demo project.

        text = 'Change data'
        style="background-color: red;"
        (onAction) = "onChangeData()"


    background-color: red;
    color: blue;

Post by mats »

You will need to use a bit more specificity, as the default styling is using:


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