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our company is very interrested in using your Gantt View PRO (Enterprise) App. While testing the live preview following obstacles occured:

  • I tried adding several milestones in a test project. Unfortunately they could not be saved. Everytime I exited and re-entered the Gantt View the previously set milestones had been set back to work packages. It didn't make a difference how the milestones were set (setting duration to 0 or using "convert to milestone" function)

  • While working in Gantt View it was possible to use "hours" as unit of measurement for the duration of work packages. But after exiting and re-entering the Gantt all workpackages that contained duration of several hours were set back to 1d.

We are really impressed by your Gantt View and would love to use it within our company. However the possibility to track several milestones and track work packages based on hours are critical for our business.

Therefore we would like to check if those "errors" also occure in the released version.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

best regards


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Hi, thank you for your report.

The issue with converting milestones is reproduced.

The duration units I can conform as an issue too.

Those issues are not resolved in the release package. We will try to resolve asap and release upcoming week.

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We have also purchased the module for Oddo. The same problem occurs with us. When we set a mile stone, the module changes the duration to 1.

best regards

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Hi Radovan,

We noticed the bug and will be resolved in the next update scheduled for next week.

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