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I am using the Task Board React component but I am not able to update the column store dynamically.


"g" here is a reference to the Taskboard instance and columns is an array of objects with id and text

Unfortunately the UI doesn't reflect the changes and doesn't update itself with the new columns. I need to force the update of the component but I don't know how to do that

Thanks for the hard work

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This works. If g is actually an instanceof Taskboard.view.TaskBoard

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Thanks for the reply and the video!
I am using the react component in my project so "g" is this thing right here:

// this is pseudo code

let grid = ref || createRef();
let g = grid.current.instance;
	...more props

When I inspect the taskboard instance in the console, I can see that the columns data is changed but that change is not reflected by the UI

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Could you please provide a small test case?

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When you set a breakpoint at g.columns = and step in what do you see?

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