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We've recently purchased a license for the calendar component and have begun integrating it into our react application. I've managed to use the crudManager and to design a sufficient backend api to provide, "load," and, "sync," capabilities.

My issue is this: I've located the items config within the eventEditFeature config where I am now attempting to modify the, "resourcesField," to allow for multiSelect as I assumed it was some form of combo-box. Setting multiSelect to true does not yield a combo-box that allows for multiple resources/calendars to be selected for an event as I mistakenly expected. I can only assume this is intentional or there is some other roundabout method in which I will need to provide multiple select. Is this because events are intended to have only a single resourceId associated with them or am I missing some other detail?

A snippet of the config for reference, not meant to replicate an error but to give a better idea:

eventEditFeature: {
      items: {
        resourceField: {
          label: "Calendar",
          multiSelect: true,

Thank you.

Edit: Upon further research and inspection I've found a thread regarding multiple assignment to an event using the calendar component here. I am unsure of what I am doing wrong but I will continue to research.

Edit 2: I've discovered my error was that I had not researched enough on how the data request and response shouldve been made. I was returning a list of resources and event and the events would have a resourceId, I should have also included a list of assignments such as this:

"assignments" : {
        "rows": [
            { "id" :  1, "resourceId" :  "r1", "eventId" :  1 },
            { "id" :  2, "resourceId" :  "r2", "eventId" :  1 },
            { "id" :  3, "resourceId" :  "r3", "eventId" :  1 },
            { "id" :  4, "resourceId" :  "r4", "eventId" :  2 },
            { "id" :  5, "resourceId" :  "r5", "eventId" :  3 },
            { "id" :  6, "resourceId" :  "r6", "eventId" :  4 },
            { "id" :  7, "resourceId" :  "r7", "eventId" :  5 }

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So all working well now?

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Yes. All is well now. Thank you either way.

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