Our state of the art Gantt chart

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1) Adding Predecessors

-If I want to add predecessor sometime it doesn't work
-Sometime it's not showing arrow

I have attached as a zip file the screen shot whatever I have tried in step by step, including json files that I captured

2) Same thing happening(sometime it works, sometime it doesn't) other fields also, for example
-Set Baseline (Both Internal and External)
-Assign Resource

bryntum issue.zip
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Hi cllor,

Looks like we need more context. I tried to apply your JSON to our latest released code and it works well.
I will attach the file with the code that you can use with any of our examples for Gantt (in /examples subfolder of our source code).

First of all, check if you used the lates version of our sources.
Second, try to apply all configuration you used in your app, startDate/endDate, viewPreset, etc.

Keep us updated!

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All the best,

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