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Is there a way to hide specific fields in the advanced tab? For example, I would like to hide the calendar, scheduling mode, constraint type, constraint date, rollups & effort driven.

I looked through the docs but I couldn't find a way to hide only those fields.

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Yes, there is a way, please check the available options here https://www.bryntum.com/docs/gantt/guide/Gantt/customization/taskedit#customizing-the-tabs-and-the-fields

For your case, I believe this configuration should do the trick.

features : {
        taskEdit : {
            items : {
                advancedTab     : {
                  items:  {
                    calendarField: false,
                    schedulingModeField: false,
                    effortDrivenField: false,
                    constraintTypeField: false,
                    constraintDateField: false,
                    rollupField: false,
                    divider: false,

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