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Hi Team, I am having trouble getting my custom viewPreset changes to take effect. I currently get an error in the browser when I do this in my



    ganttInstance.presets = [
      { base: 'manyYears', tickWidth: 50 }

Browser error:

zone.js:182 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'rowHeight' on string 'manyYears'
    at ClassDefEx.processData (gantt.lite.umd.js:12708:11)
    at ClassDefEx.construct (gantt.lite.umd.js:12595:27)
    at ClassDefEx.construct (gantt.lite.umd.js:212163:11)
    at new Base (gantt.lite.umd.js:7521:8)
    at new ModelStm (gantt.lite.umd.js:26691:74)
    at new TreeNode (gantt.lite.umd.js:23537:74)
    at new Model (gantt.lite.umd.js:12319:1)
    at new ViewPreset (gantt.lite.umd.js:212051:1)
    at new ClassDefEx (gantt.lite.umd.js:15772:20)
    at PresetStore.createRecord (gantt.lite.umd.js:16132:12)

Am I missing some config?

Post by Animal »

I don't think it's valid to set the options dynamically. But that notation does not seem to work statically, so it needs to be fixed. Here is the ticket:

Post by Animal »

OK, I have this fixed. It is not dynamic. You cannot set the presets on a running Scheduler. But configuring the presets as a custom set will work now.

The test tests your scenario:

        scheduler = await t.getSchedulerAsync({
            resources   : resources,
            events      : events,
            startDate   : new Date(1960, 0, 1),
            endDate     : new Date(2078, 0, 1),
            visibleDate : {
                date  : new Date(2017, 0, 1),
                block : 'center'
            viewPreset  : null,
            presets     : [
                { base: 'manyYears', tickWidth: 80 }
        const { presets } = scheduler;

        // Just the two configured ViewPresets present, 2);

        // It defaults to the first if viewPreset is configured null., 0);

        // There are only two zoom levels, 0);, 1);

        // All events are one year which is the tick duration. manyYears has tickWidth 40, 40);
        t.query('b-sch-event-wrap').forEach(e =>, e.viewPreset.tickWidth));

        scheduler.zoomIn();, 1);

        // The ViewPreset extension has tickWidth 80, 80);
        t.query('b-sch-event-wrap').forEach(e =>, e.viewPreset.tickWidth));

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