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Only one thing pops to my mind before I run your showcase: schedulerInstance is deprecated in favor of instance. I cannot say from the above code if that is the problem but it would be place to look at.

Ideally, post a showcase, we'll run, investigate and debug it. This is always the safest and fastest way.

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saki wrote:
Wed May 19, 2021 10:53 am

I don't see any reasons why it shouldn't work. Anyway, if you encounter any problems, just let us know and we'll help you to fix them.

Note: Please create a new thread for CI/CD if necessary.


this is what I am seeing in my pipeline -

How do I get the pipeline to authorize installing bryntum?

You guys might have to create access tokens for your users maybe follow this

If set this in my pipeline

// {token from yarn config list}

Then my pipeline will not fail.

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The auth token is saved in .npmrc file (also yarn uses this file) which is in home directory by default. However, you can put it (or a copy of it with the valid auth token) into the project directory, which will be used then.

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Hi Saki,

Thank you for that.

Just thought that I should mention that you guys move to a token based authentication rather than an email/password one.

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Hi Saki,

This is also related to this issue viewtopic.php?f=44&t=17503&p=86801&hilit=cicd#p86801

Now it says in that topic that the token is valid for 365 days... Once you log out of the bryntum registry, does the token get invalidated? Because I've saved my auth_token in my bash_profile so I could install from the bryntum packages but I am still getting an unauthorized error.

I have to log in before I can install pacakges from Bryntum again.

This is the reason why I avoid using the Bryntum npm registry and cloned your repositories... but it's a maintainability nightmare...

Could you guys have a look into this please? We have a few developers and I don't want them to need to log in all the time they want to do a yarn install.

I don't want to be updating the auth_token in our cicd pipeline every time...

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Logging out from repository via npm actually means removing the toked from the .npmrc file so when a .npmrc with a valid toke is available (in home or current directory) then you are considered to be logged in.

I've saved my auth_token in my bash_profile

It is not necessary. Check please the presence of ~/.npmrc and its content cat ~/.npmrc and it should be enough.

I've tested it as shown on the screenshot (with authToken parts cut off for security). Yarn uses .npmrc so yarn users are covered too.

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 14.59.20.png
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