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Sorry in advance as this is tricky as the locker service is involved.

Screenshot showing console error
Screenshot showing console error
Screenshot 2021-02-22 161005.png (43.02 KiB) Viewed 28 times

When using the grid in a LWC we are getting a runtime error when trying to reduce or increase a numeric filter value.

I beleive you may have some awareness of this as some handsome chap raised it

I'm seeking information at this time. Is this a known issue for you guys we can track?

If it is to do with the usage of the ClickRepeater I would say it is exceptable to not to have this in LWC and rely on the user clicking multiple times.

Better view of stack trace
Better view of stack trace
Screenshot 2021-02-22 161627.png (13.52 KiB) Viewed 28 times
 onMouseDown(e) {
        const me = this,
              target = me.delegate ? : me.element;

    if (target) {
      me.triggerEvent = e;
      EventHelper.lockComposedPath(me.triggerEvent);                < Error inside here

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We have an issue opened for a click repeater here: Ticket also has a workaround.

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Thank you!

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