[ANGULAR] Weird behavior for async beforeeventdropfinalize

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Giovanni Pini
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[ANGULAR] Weird behavior for async beforeeventdropfinalize

Post by Giovanni Pini »

In order to reproduce the bug you can start from this demo https://www.bryntum.com/examples/scheduler/eventmenu/
adding the following listener

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listeners : {
        beforeeventdropfinalize(event) {
            event.context.async = true;
            setTimeout(() => {
            }, 100);

If you drag an event keeping the same timing and without going into another resource area the event won't go back to it's previous position.
The problem is also visible in a multi row condition, when you try to rearrange events, and steps are the same.
We tried logging the context and we have seen that the problem arises when timeDiff is 0 and hence valid is false.
Here attached you can find 2 pictures of the ending condition.

Schermata 2021-01-13 alle 12.34.13.png
Schermata 2021-01-13 alle 12.34.13.png (1.11 MiB) Viewed 11 times
Schermata 2021-01-13 alle 12.32.43.png
Schermata 2021-01-13 alle 12.32.43.png (1004.06 KiB) Viewed 11 times

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Re: [ANGULAR] Weird behavior for async beforeeventdropfinalize

Post by saki »

It looks like a bug. Thank you for reporting; the issue is here: https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/2239

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