Support for v6.x of our Scheduling components

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We have one issue on Gantt chart print functionality, which is reproducible on OOTB Bryntum example asell. Please find attached gif for OOTB usecase.
I added print option in progressline example and added few more tasks.

Issue :
When we have more than 60 tasks and click on Today's progress line and then try to print, Progressline is not coming for all tasks. In Print view, the progress line is visible till 59 tasks after that it is not visible for remaining tasks.

Bryntum Version: 6.1.7
Sencha Version:
Browser: Any


PrintIssue_forProgressLine.gif (2.05 MiB) Viewed 215 times

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Hi All,

Can you please check and revert for reported issue ?


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Sorry for delay. The bug is reproduced. Here is a ticket to track it:
Thank you for the feedback!

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