Support for v6.x of our Scheduling components

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Hi everybody!

I'm trying to integrate Gantt for ExtJS into my app (trial version so far) and it seems to throw an error that I cannot understand because of the coding.
This is the code that causes the issue:

            format      : "A5",
            orientation : "landscape",
            range       : "complete",
            showHeader  : true,
            id          : "singlepage"

And this is what I get:

bryntum-gantt-pro-debug.js?_dc=1640880376045:1878 Uncaught TypeError: _0x5ab2x7[_0xc9cc[2802]] is not a function
    at constructor.fillRecordRelatedBoxes (bryntum-gantt-pro-debug.js?_dc=1640880376045:1878)
    at constructor.collectNormalRow (bryntum-gantt-pro-debug.js?_dc=1640880376045:1878)
    at constructor.collectRowsStep (bryntum-gantt-pro-debug.js?_dc=1640880376045:1878)
    at bryntum-gantt-pro-debug.js?_dc=1640880376045:1878

Anyone experienced this?

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Could you please upload a simple test case so we can try to reproduce the error?

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