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Is it possible to utilize calendars in such a way, that would allow to define CalendarDays (type DAY) per some Id (i.e. Task ID)?
What I'm trying to achieve is reconciling true (actual) values with the plan. So let's say that calendars is planned for 8h work day, but at specific days, when the work was performed it took longer/shorter.
Utilizing the calendars exceptions is the idea that seems to be perfect for this but it's really hard to identify where in the code I can provide an exception list for the duration/dates calculations.
Having a separate calendar for each Task is not an option.
Perhaps You can direct me in some way or have a better idea to attack this problem.

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Do you use Scheduler (or Gantt) for Ext JS ?

Having a separate calendar for each Task is not an option.

A task performs in the intersection of its own calendar working periods and some of its assigned resource calendars working periods. So you cannot do that without adjusting the task calendar I think.

We have a ticket on adding of so called time phased assignments support.
It could help in this case - user would simply manually enter an effort for that specific date. But the ticket is not done yet.

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I'm using Gantt Ext JS.
Unfortunately using resource calendar is also not an option, as the same resource may be used on different tasks.
I'm more interested in possibility to use dynamic daily exceptions (i.e. based on an external table similar to CalendarDays table).
The hypothetical scenario I'm trying to handle is: There are two tasks with same resource assigned to it with an 8:00-16:00 (8h) calendar. Both are planned for 16h duration. Using an external service someone reports that they did overtime and performed 12h duration worth of work on one of those tasks, in specific time period (i.e. 7:00 - 19:00).
The result that'd I'd like to see in the Gantt chart is one task (with no reported work) should stay as planned, and the other should technically shift by 4h (12h one day, and 4h the other).

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That will require patching task model methods:
The methods should take data from your new table into account. Try checking their code to understand how to do it.

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