Support for v6.x of our Scheduling components

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Is it possible to run the scheduler on ExtJs and Gantt on JS version simultaneously in the same application ?
Will there be any compatibility issues ?

Shouldn't be, two completely separate products!

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Hello mats , bothering you again .

Do we have the compare documentation for bryntum and ExtJs version . For example, in Ext we use "Ext.Create" to create widget or "Ext,Define" for something else.
So , how do I get to know that what should I use in Javascript version in place of those mentioned above ?

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With our new suite, you use regular ES6 with native classes. Recommended read:

Things are so much easier now without Ext JS

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Hello Mats,

I installed the trial version of scheduler but it is not allowing me to import "Scheduler" from '@bryntum/scheduler-trial/scheduler.lite.umd.js'; Although I have those files installed in my node-modules folder.

Could you please help , if you have some idea on that ?

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Please provide a runnable test case.

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Hi Team ,

I want to do some action on click of column header in scheduler , could you please suggest what should I use for that ?

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Please start a new thread for each new question you have

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