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We are facing issue with loading tasks in Bryntum Gantt for EXTjs. It takes a lot of time (around 1 minute) to load 1000 tasks, and this time does not include the time consumed by the API.
Below is the code sample which we are using to load the data : = data.taskTree;
taskStore.load(); // This function takes around 1 minute

We tried another approach too , which loads the data much faster but breaks the UI (nodes are not expanded, some nodes are not visible, scrollbars not visible)
taskStore.loadRawData(data.taskTree); //Second approach

Could you please provide any suggestions to improve it, meanwhile I can try to create a test case to reproduce it ?

Note : We are using Gantt Pro 6.1.14.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I've checked online bigdataset demo, it works perfectly fine for even bigger datasets. You can try approach we use there:

taskStore.setRoot({ expanded : true, children : tasks })

It also might happen that your data have a specific configuration of constraints/dependencies that slows down the calculation. To test that you can try removing every field from the dataset other than id, name, start, end and duration, and skip loading dependencies. If that helps, then we'd need to take a look at your dataset.

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Thanks a lot for the reply Maxim.
I'll try your suggestions and let you know the outcome.

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