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We have a requirement to support multiple workday patterns in a project. For example, projects will be working for 9 hours/day through out the year except for Ramadan season (one month in a year) when the projects will be working for 6hours per day. Is there a way to meet this requirement except through creating exceptions for the month in every project?


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Hello Vineela,

Yes, you need to configure day exceptions, but instead of hardcoding every single day you can override just 5 work days (Mon - Fri)!/api/Sch.model.CalendarDay

Please use WEEKDAYOVERRIDE for the type, OverrideStartDate and OverrideEndDate to specify Start and End dates of Ramadan month and Availability for that day between the interval.

Please check out this guide:!/guide/gantt_calendars

Individual days

  • "Day override". Represents a certain date in the calendar, for example 2013/01/10. This type of day has the highest priority.

  • "Week day override" sometimes called "week override" or "non-standard week". Represents a week day within a certain time span, for example all Mondays between 2013/01/10 and 2013/02/10 (inclusive). This type has the next highest level of priority.

  • "Week day". Represents a certain week day in the calendar, for example - all Mondays. It has the lowest priority among all the "special" days, but still overrides the value of defaultAvailability config option for that day.


Pavel Miklashevich - Core Developer

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