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Hi, i'm having a problem with the authentication to the Bryntum npm registry. It works fine when i authenticate locally, but when automating it on a build server using the same credential the authentication fails with this error:

npm ERR! sha512-1n3hhkgHEAQVVaORd4WahRO1jsj8DsDw8ZPzwekunrFeMRR6shsQ8MDZVh3L7GVwMLerCC4hGCOmGayCm+69gw== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-1n3hhkgHEAQVVaORd4WahRO1jsj8DsDw8ZPzwekunrFeMRR6shsQ8MDZVh3L7GVwMLerCC4hGCOmGayCm+69gw== but got sha512-m7XrBbdNDw8QSvYWHW7u5cJ1fA0cfXpTS3mzQ/urTDQDy2PEQ3F5fSOAL9vLeK3Kd3qVDmTCa5ePZVCopxUXHQ==. (1120 bytes)

How can I solve this?

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We usually get this error when an NPM package referenced from package-lock.json. The remedies are given in the guide here https://bryntum.com/docs/scheduler/#Scheduler/guides/npm-repository.md#troubleshooting and they should not differ on the server from the local machine. Follow the troubleshooting please and is should resolve.

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