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I wonder how I would implement the scheduler with different types of resources. At the moment I am already using the event, assignment and resource stores, which allow a many-to-many relationship between events and resources. I would like to implement this construct but with an additional resource type. So that I effectively have two combo boxes with an resource assignment in the event editor.

Is there any way to have multiple resource/assignment stores? I have already tried modelling the relationship in the event editor, but as far as I can tell, there is no array or object field type that would make this possible.

Thank you very much for your support!

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This is not supported no, but if you explain in a bit more detail we should be able to give you some advice. You want to assign two sets of resources to a single event? And you cannot do this using our current multi-select resource combo?

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So far I am using the following model:

class MyEvent extends EventModel {

  static get fields() {
    return [
      { name: 'resourceType2Id', type: 'string', persist: true },

An as I wrote, I'm using the event, assignment and resource (for resourceType1) stores to map the many-to-many relationship between resource type 1 and events. But now I need to assign several resources of type 2 to an event, which means that I can no longer use the reference to a single ID in the event model.

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It could still be done using one multi-assignment combo box, or you definitely want it done in two separate ones?

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Yes, I think two combo boxes would be better, as the types should be semantically separated. Also, only the one type of resource should be displayed as columns.

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Could you have one resource store with a custom modelClass introducing the resourceType (type 1 or type 2) and filter the stores of combo boxes depending on which resource is being assigned?

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That would probably solve the problem with the different combo boxes. Is there also a way to filter the displayed resource columns? And how do you filter the stores of the combo boxes? :D

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Please see my reply here: viewtopic.php?p=81692#p81692
I hope this is exactly what you're looking for.

We have opened a feature request. Please subscribe to the ticket to get notified when it's done.

Pavlo Miklashevych
Sr. Frontend Developer

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Hi pmiklashevich,

thanks for your reply. The example you provided helped a lot. In the example the "master" store was grouped by the type field, but my use case requires one type to be hidden entirely. How would could I solve this?

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If I understood you correctly, you can try to filter out records with certain type from the store:

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