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Hi, I'm facing an issue attempting to integrate the Grid into an existing React project.

From the moment I add the import for BryntumGrid, then the app no longer functions. Even the initial view is unable to render, it seems to be stuck initializing as it takes perhaps 10 seconds, and then eventually in the browser console I see:

grid.umd.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property children of #<Element> which has only a getter
at Function.0x1edb27 (grid.umd.js:10)
at Function.
0x1edb27 (grid.umd.js:10)
at Function._0x1edb27 (grid.umd.js:10)
at 0x3e1440.0xc2222d (grid.umd.js:10)

I understand this is not much to work with but given the information above can you at least identify what the Grid was attempting to do to help us discover the root cause.

This particular app has many other dependencies, react-router, redux, i18next and others, so perhaps there is a conflict somewhere.

And for clarity, as soon as I comment the import statement, then the app loads again, so the issue is nothing to do with how I'm using the grid, it's happening earlier than that, seemingly with the loading of the library.


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Yeah, there's not too much to work with... Anyway, some thoughts:

  1. redux and i18-next should not be a problem – we have (Scheduler) demos with them
  2. react-router also doesn't seem to me problematic because it crashes on import, not on use
  3. How does your import look like? What do you import? It is only necessary to import the following, nothing else:
    import { BryntumGrid } from '@bryntum/grid-react';
  4. The debugging approach could be to simplify the application (a copy of it) until the problem disappears. I suppose that you can use/build our examples without problems.
  5. The fastest fix would be, as always, if we could get a hold of a runnable showcase.

Post by dave »

I'm not really sure what was wrong, but ultimately it started working. So please feel free to close this ticket. Thanks.

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