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I have this little resource scheduler app. And each resource is of course just available once for a given time slot. Now when I create a new event with drag and drop, how can I prevent overlapping events? I thought I can find the answer in your validation sample, but could not. So what would be the recommended way of doing this? Thanks.

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Ok, I searched a little further and found in another sample the intersectSpans() method. Together with the beforeeventadd event in the case of a NEW event this is working fine.

Now I would like to do the same when the user drags f.e. the END of an event over an other one on the same resource. I tried with the eventpartialresize event. But it seems that return false does not work on this one. Any recommendation what I should use or do instead? Thanks.

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You made my day - thanks a lot!!

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Hi teammates,
I am using React Bryntum Scheduler.
I tried


to prevent duplicate events in the same timeframe.
It works fine for the pre-assigned events.

By the way, when I try to assign a new event from unassigned tasks to a resource by dragging and dropping, it allows to make duplicate events.
How can I prevent this, too?

Thanks, Mean

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@meanking Please post hijack other peoples threads, post your own question / problem in your own thread.

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