setting start date and time on horizontal scheduler

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setting start date and time on horizontal scheduler

Post by cyprien »

We are developping an app in Extjs with a scheduler. The scheduler is designed like this :

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processTimelineViewScheduler: function(config) {
    var me = this;
    var startDate = new Date();
    var endDate = new Date();

    var cinema =        MiscFunctions.getCinema();
    var scheduleStart = cinema.schedulestart; // 06:00
    var scheduleEnd =   cinema.scheduleend; // 05:59

    var partstart =    scheduleStart.split(":");
    var startHours =   partstart[0];
    var startMinutes = partstart[1];

    var partend =    scheduleEnd.split(":");
    var endHours =   partend[0];
    var endMinutes = partend[1];



    if (endDate.getTime() <= startDate.getTime()) {
        endDate = Ext.Date.add(endDate, Ext.Date.DAY, 1);

       Sch.preset.Manager.registerPreset("myHourAndDay", {
        displayDateFormat : 'G:i',
        shiftIncrement    : 1,
        shiftUnit         : 'HOUR',
        timeRowHeight     : 75,
        timeResolution    : {
            // Here we use Sch.util.Date.MINUTE constant value
            unit      : Sch.util.Date.MINUTE,
            increment : 5
        headerConfig : {
            middle : {
                // and here we use the last fraction Sch.util.Date.HOUR constant name
                unit       : 'HOUR',
                dateFormat : 'G:i'
    return Ext.apply(config, {
        columns    : [{
            sortable: true,
            width: 100,
            dataIndex: 'Name',
            flex: 1
        split: false,
        readOnly:                !MiscFunctions.hasRight('SHOW_WRITE'),
        enableDragCreation:      false,
        viewPreset:              {
            name: 'myHourAndDay',
            timeColumnWidth: 100,
        highlightWeekends:       false,
        mode:                    'horizontal',
        startDate:               startDate,
        endDate:                 endDate,
        weekStartDay:            3,
        showTodayLine:           true,
        rowHeight:               65,
        constrainDragToResource: false,
        snapToIncrement:         true,
        eventResizeHandles:      'none',
        eventBarTextField:       'Title',
        crudManager:             this.getCrudManager(),

variables scheduleStart and scheduleEnd can be 10:00 and 09:59 (on next day).

The scheduler arbitrarly sets the start time and end time in the view (eg: 21:00 to 21:00).

If the variables scheduleStart and scheduleEnd are 06:00 and 05:59 on next day, the start and end dates and times are correct in the view.

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Re: setting start date and time on horizontal scheduler

Post by mats »

Can you reproduce this in our demos? Please try to reproduce it then upload a zip file with the minimal test case so we can inspect.
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