"hidden" header cells are not hidden

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"hidden" header cells are not hidden

Post by LarssaAndin »

I'm working on adding the excellent UberGrid component into my application and it's going pretty well so far.

One problem I have is the following. In my grid I find the row below that seems to be used to handle the column width sync between the real header and the cells (at least that broke as soon as I deleted this row in chrome dev tools. The problem with it is that paddings are applied to it so it's vissible! If I (again in dev tools) change padding to 0 (instead of 4 10 4 5) everything looks fine.

The error can for sure be in my configuration, it's more or less the same as for my ExtJS grid so there are plenty of junk in it, but I need to know what I'm doing wrong if so ;).

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<tr id="ext-UberGrid-Simple-1-columns">
<th class="ubergrid-column-ubergrid-column-2" style="height:0px"></th>
<th class="ubergrid-column-ubergrid-column-3" style="height:0px"></th>
<th class="ubergrid-column-ubergrid-column-4" style="height:0px"></th>
<th class="ubergrid-column-ubergrid-column-5" style="height:0px"></th>

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Re: "hidden" header cells are not hidden

Post by nickolay »

Hm.. We'll switch to using <colgroup> instead of <th> in header table (we already use it in main grid). Fix will be in the upcoming 1.0.1 release. Right now please patch it with additional CSS rule.
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