Questions related to our Sencha Touch based grid component

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Great, I've paid for the product over paypal and look forward to into the customer area for the download!

I want to get to the following position:
- it works in local development environment - don't care how or which files are included!!
- builds with sencha app build, only including the files of sencha touch I need

I think that's probably the same requirements as most touch devs! I'll post an update when I have the full release working as per your post.

Thanks for your help so far

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Thank you! You can download nightly build from customer zone with changes from yesterday.

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Great, thanks - just waiting for the email to validate my access to the customer zone!

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Is the customer zone activation automated, and did I perhaps put the wrong info into the registration form? Sorry to hassle but was hoping to get started on this this morning. Thanks!

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Sorry for delay - please contact (include the paypal transaction details and your forum name) for expedited access.

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I'm in..

The nightly build downloads aren't working - just get a file not found message, but I'm having a go now at getting it working with the app and a build.


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Should be fixed now.

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Still get file not found for the nightly builds...

I'm also finding that I can't create ubergrids using their xtype, just in the config of a container, eg.

Ext.define('App.view.View', {
extend: 'Ext.Container',
requires: ['UberGrid.Panel'],

config: {
items: [
xtype: 'uberpanel',

I get this: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'un' TabularView.js:1007

The only other change I made was to do this to the store:

store : {
fields: ['Id', 'Title', 'Note' ],
data: [{ Id: 6, Title: 'My title', Note: 'hello there' }]

otherwise it's the base example.

When I saw that I now just have the ubergrid classes, I hoped I would just be able to require them in as I would any sencha touch component. I can do that in my development environment, and it works fine. But at build (sencha app build testing) I get this (ADP.js is the view using the ubergrid): (this I think is fairly typical for an unresolved dependency, but I know I have set the path correctly using Ext.Loader.setPath because it works in dev environment)

[INF] Processing source dependencies
[ERR] Failed to find file for UberGrid.Panel
required by C:\xampp\htdocs\FBGMag\app\fbgmag\view\tablet\NFLPlayer\ADP.js
[ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException: The following error occurr
ed while executing this line:
[ERR] C:\xampp\htdocs\FBGMag\.sencha\app\build-impl.xml:137: com.sench
a.exceptions.ExScript: Wrapped com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException: com.sencha.
exceptions.ExBuild: Failed to find any files for UberGrid.Panel (x-app-build#273
) runAppBuild (x-app-build:273) [anonymous] (x-app-build:545) x_app_build
(x-app-build:543) <script> (anonymous:1)

Filed the latter issue on assembla.

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Sorry, I meant - nightly builds system for UberGrid should work now and tomorrow it will upload new build.

About your issue - did you also add the path to "lib/UberGrid" to the ".sencha/app/sencha.cfg"?
It worked for me when I added this:
(in my environment the app folder was near the UberGrid folder)

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All working and setup now! I can't instantiate from using the xtype inside another view's config, but that's obviously super easy to work around by just putting the ubergrid in the initialize function of the parent view.

I've managed to change the styles fairly easily too, it would be cool for the future if this worked by importing in a sass stylesheet that had some default variables that could be easily overridden (eg, for background gradients, colors and border colors)

But this is awesome, thanks guys for the great product and great support.

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