Sencha Touch Scheduler 0.9a now available

Suggest new features for our Sencha Touch based Scheduler
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Sencha Touch Scheduler 0.9a now available

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We are glad to announce about the initial alpha release of our new product - Sencha Touch Scheduler.
It is a port of our Ext Scheduler product to the mobile platform, so it still does not offer the full feature set of Ext Scheduler but hopefully it has enough to be of good use :)

To see the examples, you need to have the "sencha-touch-2.0.1" folder on the same level as the "senchatouch-scheduler-0.9.0-alpha" folder.
Then just open the example url in your browser, like:
http://localhost/workspace/Bryntum/senc ... basic.html

Your feedback is very appreciated. Updates to come in the nearest weeks!
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