Use this in .Net web application

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Use this in .Net web application

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I'm new to using this api. Is there a way I can implement this on a .Net website. I'm guessing I would just need to use the javascript and css files. Could someone please confirm.


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Re: Use this in .Net web application

Post by mats »

Yes, exactly. That's all we offer, JS and CSS resources. You can also see a few samples of server integrations (we have a .NET sample too).
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Re: Use this in .Net web application

Post by Antarctica »

I can confirm that ExtJS and Bryntum Scheduler can be used quite well with a .NET WebAPI application. If you don't have the time to play around and test how to get the best ExtJS/.NET interworking, I heard that Ext.NET could be helpful, since it integrates both parts (.NET backend/ExtJS frontend) for you.

Disclaimer: I did not use Ext.NET and I didn't test it myself, since my ExtJS/Bryntum Scheduler frontend has to work with two backends, with only one of them being .NET WebAPI, while the other is non-Microsoft.
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