coverage report unrecognized - but executed

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coverage report unrecognized - but executed

Post by KaguChan » Wed Jul 24, 2019 3:41 pm


right now we're configuring our tests to do some coverage stuff.
We want to use the text-summary output format from nyc to allow gitlab to display us our coverage.

Interestingly, siesta (or nyc in the back, i dont know) states that the text-summary reporter is not available but uses it as would there be no actual problem...

The script:

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cross-env-shell siesta/bin/puppeteer http://tools/siesta-ci.html --headless --nyc.include=**/app/**/*.js --nyc.reporter=html --nyc.reporter=text-summary --report-format JUnit --report-file ../reports/junit/report-frontend.xml
The output:

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[WARN] Unrecognized coverage report format: text-summary

Launching test suite, OS: Windows, agent: Chrome 76.0.3803.0
[PASS]  tests/integration/authorized/mobile/mobile.spec.js
[PASS]  tests/integration/unauthorized/forgotPassword.spec.js
[PASS]  tests/integration/authorized/mobile/behavior.spec.js
[PASS]  tests/unit/view/user/UserController.spec.js
[PASS]  tests/integration/unauthorized/login.spec.js
62 passed, 0 failed assertions took 34.357s to complete

=============================== Coverage summary ===============================
Statements   : 21.06% ( 411/1952 )
Branches     : 15.43% ( 102/661 )
Functions    : 16.74% ( 74/442 )
Lines        : 21.39% ( 408/1907 )
This happens both on my windows development machine as well as in our linux automation container.

It does not break the code or anything, but it's just weird and i dont get it...


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Re: coverage report unrecognized - but executed

Post by nickolay » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:03 am


Thanks for the report!

It was a typo in the source, this report format was listed as "test-summary". Fixed now, fix will be available in the tomorrow nighly.
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