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Hi Team, I am trying to disable Right click on the resource side and Right click add event as well. Please refer to my attachments that I would like to disappear from my scheduler. I'm using react for integration.
Also attached a sample code. Please let me know what has to be added so that I would be able to disable those two that I show in my screen shot.

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Perfect. Thanks. Working as expected.

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Hi Team I have few Questions,

  1. I want to move the Save button on event edit to left side in the pop up. Please find the attachment and remove delete button from the event edit.
  2. I'm having a icon on events bar and I want to open the edit event dialog box in single click rather than double click of that icon.
  3. I want to move the horizontal scroll to the exact point where the event starts. For example in the attached example event starts at 8AM and my scheduler starts from 5AM. When I first open the scheduler, I would like to have the horizontal scroll moved to 8AM rather than sticking to the start at 5AM.

Please find the attachments for the above questions,

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@LMS2021 One question per thread only please - start new threads for each of your additional questions.

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