Change request model and delta changes

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Change request model and delta changes

Post by sandippatel »


Would it be possible to change the sync request structure for Bryntum Gantt?

I have examine that when we sync the data Bryntum automatically generate the sync request and call the API.I want only few field to be sync on server rather than whole sync request. would it be possible?

Also I have seen that it gives me delta changes rather whole data. what need to be done to get the whole data available on Bryntum Gantt chart?

Thanks for your amazing support.

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Re: Change request model and delta changes

Post by sergey.maltsev »


I can suggest you to use

This method to convert CrudManager format to any server request format you need

This method to convert any server response to CrudManager format

Check this option to have all fields for sync requests

Also please refer to this info

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