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About the coverage report - did it work in 5.5.0? Perhaps you need to include the files to the coverage using --nyc.include command line option. See this guide for details:!/guide/code_coverage

I had to remove node from my machine completely before it works This is strange - Siesta does not use the nodejs from the OS, it uses the nodejs which is bundled into the package. I downloaded the binary and replaced the old driver but I had to realize that if my current version of chrome is greate...
Hi, The webdriver may fail due to version of Chrome being greater than version of chrome driver bundled with Siesta. It should show this error message in this case however: nickolay@frontier:~/workspace/Bryntum/siesta$ bin/webdriver lh/siesta/examples/browser [ERROR] Setup failed: Error: Can't creat...

Glad it works. Please feel free to post any further questions.


If its a 3rd-party library, it can be excluded from the coverage report using the --nyc.exclude command line option.

Hello, The EffectResolutionResult enum defines how to handle the scheduling conflict. As the name suggest, in case of conflict you can either "Cancel" the whole transaction (the most reasonable choice), or "Restart" the calculations (will lead to infinite loop, unless you've removed the reason of th...

Ok, thank you for the report. We'll upgrade the Chrome webdriver in the next release. In the meantime, please do that manually.

You can download it from here:

And need to place the downloaded binary to: /siesta/bin/binary/chromedriver/


Can you try with the latest Siesta version - 5.5.0?

Hi, You need to use Node 14 because sources uses optional chaining: ?. . And even with Node 14, the esm loader does not support the optional chaining You can try to use the native Ecma modules support, built-in in the Node, or may be just manually "t...

I see. Not quite sure when exactly, should be available in the nightly build in a few days.