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Hm.. different proxy? you mean - different urls for CRUD operations?
"Phantom" task is the task which haven't yet received a "real" id from server. So if you see you tasks created as "phantom" that means that Ext can't find an id field for them. So the cause is somewhere in the reader configuration I believe..
try to add "root : "data"' to JsonReader configuration
The "Expires" header should be set in the response, which returns the JS file (not on html file). Its a generic mechanism which can be used to cache any type of content (html and css as well). You should update the configuration of your web-server to return the "Expires" header for JavaScript files ...
Add the "Expires" headers to the requests for scheduler code - browser will cache it himself then. See this for details: ... ching.html
Try to listen the "load" event from store and verify that its actually gets loaded with some data (also when)

Since you have
autoLoad : true,
in your example, the store for combo box should start loading immediately, do you see that request in FireBug?

Or you see it only after first opening of combo box?
Sorry, your question and goal is not quite clear, what example are you trying to upgrade?
Before 'render' event there are no DOM elements for which are often required for various methods. Before 'afterlayout' event the size of component is generally not yet set.
The most flexible way to customize the "system" parts of the editor will be to subclass the "Sch.plugins.EventEditor" plugin. See the DemoEditor class in the "eventeditor" example. Then you can use properties of the editor class, for example to add the additional handler for save button: initCompone...