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Hello, it seems that the chromedriver and node executables bundled with Siesta simply do not work in Alpine Any additional details? Perhaps you mean that version of Chrome in Alpine container is too new for chromedriver binary, bundled with Siesta? In such case you need to update the Siesta's chrome...
Scheduling Engine is a package containing business logic of Bryntum Gantt. It is implemented using ChronoGraph. If I'm correct, you want to run the engine and use its API inside of the Nodejs process. You probably don't need to use ChronoGraph directly, however you need to understand its concepts: h...

What are you trying to achieve?

Hi, Thats correct, all the business logic of the gantt chart is modeled as reactive Chronograph dataset. Is Business Logic Refers to Data Calculations(Late Start / Early Start , Based on Duration Finish Dates ) Correct. How The Brytumn Gantt UI Interact with Chronograph i.e How Gantt uses Engine and...


Appium is explicitly not supported in Siesta5. We'll look at it in the upcoming Siesta6 (no specific dates though and initial Siesta6 releases will have only a subset of Siesta5 features).

Hi, Chronograph is written "isomorphically" - using only Ecma modules "imports". It will work the same way both in browsers and Node. In Node, if version is < 14 you'll need to use "esm" module: node -r esm your_code.js If version is > 14, then you can name your fil...

Glad you solved it, yw!


Thanks for the report, reproduced in the package (works in my development environment). I'll investigate and let you know.

Might not be trivial, as its a vulnerability in dependency of one of Siesta dependencies, but we'll do our best! Thanks for the report.

unfortunately, it did not work out

This is strange, because neither the Siesta code for code coverage, not nyc version has changed between the 5.5.0 and 5.5.1. Can you please double check? Note, that when using --nyc.include need to use the equation character: --nyc.include=glob_pattern