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Hi, The calendar does not have the hoursPerDay/daysPerWeek/daysPerMonth configs: Those are on project and used globally by all tasks and calendars:

dependencyStore => dependencyData

The dependency in engine uses "fromEvent" and "toEvent" fields instead of "fromTask", "toTask".


Fixed in the sources now, you can try it in the tomorrow nightly.

Ok, thanks, we'll sort these out in the next release.

Thats a bug - all the code, that is used by engine should be isomorphic. Please post which lines you had to comment.


As the error message suggest, there's no file 'D:\Schedule Development\EngineProject\lib\ChronoGraph\chrono\Effect.js'

Try using the Gantt package - it shows the expected files layout.

I see. So you use a custom binary of chromedriver that expects lib-musl? Then you just place it into /bin/binary/chromedriver/os